Las Vegas Indoor Air Quality

You know it when you know it; right?  Look around, we live in the Las Vegas desert were indoor air quality is a major concern. The quality of  air we breathe is vital to our well being. Indoor air quality affects your overall comfort which traslate to health as well as productivity. The proverbial sniff test, is one of the best ways to determine if the air in your home needs help. There is a simpler way to accomplish this while saving your nostrils.

Here Are Some Indoor Air Quality Facts We Need To Deal With

  • People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors
  • Airborne contamination exposure is significant.
  • More than 50%+ of all office buildings/complexes have a contaminated HVAC air delivery system. This includes, ventilation, heating and air conditioning.
  • Humans inhale more than 3,500 gallons of air every day.
  • Fact: Kids inhale more particles than teens and/or adults.
  • Poor IAQ makes up more than 94% of all respiratory problems.
  • 31 million+ Americans are diagnosed with asthma
  • One third of those asthma suffers are kids under the age of 18.
  • One ounce of dust contains 40k dust mites. Yikes!
  • 10-15% of Americans are allergic to their cat or dogs dander.
  • Alarming: Humans shed a disgusting about of skin flakes every day – 700,000/day

Indoor air can actually become a health hazard. Over-exposure to microbes and other biological pollutants may even lead to grave illness or even death in some cases. We are the Experts for all of your indoor air quality and comfort needs. Climate Control Experts completes an IAQ test, in your home to see if any concerns exist. We then work with you to ensure we address the root of the problem so your indoor environment is as clean as it can be.

How are you sure your the air you breathe in your home is healthy? 4 reasons to have your home’s air inspected by Climate Control Experts

  • Ductwork, your homes air delivery system can become contaminated over time with residue from smoke, mold and bacteria from small amounts of moisture in our air.
  • Prolonged exposure to these microbes along with other biological pollutants cause major illness and sometimes even death.
  • As certified IAQ experts, we can provide you valuable air quality testing for your home.
  • Bottom line: We work with you to find the the most cost-effective solution to make your home clean and breathing easy.