As a service to our customers, Climate Control Experts offers their Home Report services on any call. Our technicians have the tools and knowledge to discover the air quality vulnerabilities your home might have. Getting sneezing fits in the living room or feeling unusually cold in the basement? Climate Control Experts can find the root cause and give you options for a permanent solution. To give you an idea of all the variables that affect your home’s air quality, here are some of the issues we see most often.

Moisture Content

When indoor air is outside the optimal relative humidity range, less-than-ideal scenarios can occur. If the air’s too moist, your furniture and flooring is susceptible to damage, and mold along with other types of bacteria can thrive. If it’s too dry, conditions can quickly become itchy and uncomfortable.

Contaminants and Pollutants

The damage that contaminants in the air can do to your body is self-explanatory, especially for those who live with asthma and other bronchial conditions. What’s less obvious is how those contaminants get inside your home in the first place.

In terms of your HVAC system, anything from a low quality air filter past its prime to leaks in your ventilation ducts can introduce unwanted and potentially unhealthy foreign substances into your living space.

Carbon Monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds

When air quality is left unchecked for too long, dangerous chemicals can build up and eventually reach toxic levels. Among them are volatile organic compounds, which come from substances like the paint on your walls and the varnish on your furniture. Carbon monoxide, a lethal gas with no color or odor whatsoever, can be produced by all of your natural gas burning appliances.

The gradual buildup of these chemicals, along with the pollutants mentioned before, is hard to detect without professional tools and experience. Contact Climate Control Experts to have your home checked for these substances today.