The vast majority of our clients have two main concerns when it comes to purchasing a new furnace: finding a unit that can heat their home effectively and fit within their budgetary constraints. When it comes to heating and ventilation systems, every home is different. Consequently, each has its own specific set of needs and priorities for efficiency maximization. Climate Control Experts realizes these concerns, and offers a selection of furnaces and air handlers that fit the bill for virtually every household.


The traditional option for most households, most residential furnaces operate on natural gas to keep your house warm during the winter months. Matching a home to its ideal furnace is dependent on two key characteristics: size and efficiency. A furnace that’s too big or too small can cause problems with improperly matched air ducts and may worsen temperature fluctuations in your house. Those with low AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings and high electricity consumption, meanwhile, will cost you more in energy consumption each year.

Climate Control Experts’ wide selection of beautifully designed furnaces ensures that we can help you find the right equipment for your home, whether you’re in a sprawling ranch or a compact two-story. Replacing your old furnace with one of Climate Control Experts’ quality units is a single-step solution to any current heating woes.

Air Handlers

In addition to furnaces, Climate Control Experts also offers a variety of air handlers to meet your home’s comfort needs. Designed with air tight state-of-the-art technology, they are perfect for keeping the air in your home at proper temperature and humidity levels in milder climates.

A quality air handler separates itself through design, build, and efficiency. Climate Control Experts curates its offerings based on these characteristics, bringing you the most capable air handlers available.