Here are the Top 10 Why You Need To Invest in a Furnace Tune Up:Gas Furnace Safety Inspection Tune Up

Top10 10  We set a Benchmark for the current condition of your gas heating system. This allows you to plan, conduct research if and when a replacement system needs to be considered all under your terms. Remember, replacing a gas furnace is a bigger undertaking than you may realize. Keep in mind, you will be living with it for the next 15-20+ years.

Top10 9   Visually inspect for hazardous debris in flue delivery system. this is important because the flue pipe carries by-products of combustion, which includes, carbon monoxide away from the furnace. Any partial restrictions, leaks, insufficient secondary air support, or possible birds nests in these passages causes the gas furnace to operate with poor combustion. 

Top10 8   Check and inspect the ignition and gas pilot safety systems. It is critical to have the gas pilot safety system on a furnace inspected and properly tested to insure the safety circuit will functioning properly in the event of a failure. This is what keeps you safe.

Top10 7   Inspect for dirt build up in the furnace. If there is, remove it. The #1 cause of system failure is dirt and debris! According to the Louisiana Cooperative Ext. Service, Nine out of 10 preventable failures are due to dirt build up. Dirt build-up on the blower wheel concave blades reduces the furnace’s airflow across the heat exchanger and causes it to use more electricity than needed.  the same study shows that dirt buildup in gas furnaces, especially blower wheel blades resulted in a decrease in efficiency of up to 21%.

Top10 6   Ensure the proper amount of airflow over the heat exchanger in the furnace. This starts by keeping your furnace’s blower wheel blades clean and free of debris. This is vital. This build-up on the blades will contribute to early aging of your gas furnace heat exchanger. This reduced airflow causes the furnace to run hotter, which increases the rate of expansion and contraction of the metal that makes up the heat exchanger. Also, this reduced airflow causes the furnace to use more electricity.  

Top10 5   What if your furnace is under a warranty? Most warranty companies will void your warranty if you do not maintain you equipment. Just like a car, it requires preventative maintenance to maintain the warranty. Further, independent studies show that routine furnace tune-ups extend the life of your system while ensuring your safety.  

Top10 4   Ensure the gas furnace is operating efficiently; keeping precious $$$ from going up the flue pipe. Likely,  your current gas furnace is under-performing. Louisiana Cooperative has proven that “lack of proper furnace maintenance affects operating costs as much as 10% to 50%. This is caused by: dirty burners, dirty blowers, dirty filters, and thermostat calibration”. Here is something to think about: 9 out of 10 of the heating and cooling systems in the United States are wasting 40%+ in power consumption! 

Top10 3  The obvious “No Heat” emergency call. Being without heat in the middle of Winter is not were you want to be; is it? Now, you are at the mercy of the contractors schedule to get it fixed. Get in line. This is what happens when you do not plan ahead. We hear it every day; it was working just fine yesterday. How do you know for sure? 

High Efficiency Gas Furnace Saftey Inspection

Top10 2  Avoid  health risks to you and your family. Carbon Monoxide(CO) is a poisonous gas often referred to as a silent killer. this is for a very good reason. You can not smell it or see it. Thousands of people mistake carbon monoxide sickness with the flu because the symptoms are so similar. 20,000+ people across the country become sick every year from carbon monoxide each year and 500+ will die.

Top10 1    Most Important: Peace of Mind for you and your family.

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