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5 Reasons to Get a Heat Pump Installation

5 Reasons to Get a Heat Pump Installation

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heat pump installation in Las Vegas by Climate Control

Like an AC or heater, a heat pump is another option for controlling your home’s temperature. However, heat pumps don’t do their job by directly heating or cooling air. Instead, a heat pump is capable of moving heat from warmer areas to colder areas, thus keeping your home comfortable. If you’re curious about how a heat pump installation can help your home, take a look at our latest blog post!

Here are five ways a heat pump installation can make it easier to control your home’s temperature:


Long lifespans

It’s always a good idea to give your major appliances annual inspections so they can work for as long as they can. With heat pumps, they boast an impressive lifespan if you’re good about keeping them well-maintained. Heat pumps usually last fourteen or fifteen years.


No fuel storage needed

The many heating and cooling systems commercially available use different types of fuel, such as oil, propane, and alternative fuels. This means you’ll always need fuel on hand, especially in case of an emergency. With a heat pump, you don’t have to worry about how much fuel you have. Heat pumps only use electricity, and they can operate as long as they have power.


Good energy efficiency

Compared to options like gas furnaces heat pumps are very energy efficient. Not only do they run on electricity, which is cleaner than gas or oil, but they are also very efficient at using it to move heat. As a rule of thumb, heat pumps operate best when the difference between the source and supply temperatures is very little.


Heating and cooling, like an HVAC

Keeping your home temperate usually requires you to either have separate units, one for heating and one for cooling, or a system like an HVAC. However, a heat pump is fully capable of keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer.


Less carbon emissions

Heat pumps are well-known for having high energy efficiency. This means that owning one is likely to reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, water source heat pumps, which move heat to/from a water source, can reduce your energy usage by 30-60%.


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By Brian Renadette

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