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5 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

5 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

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professional drain cleaning in Las Vegas by Climate Control

Like any part of your home, plumbing drains will occasionally require your attention to stay in good condition. Since they’re constantly damp and have to deal with any debris that goes down them, it’s no surprise that they can get nasty. Eventually, most drains will wind up getting a clog and require professional assistance to remove. Oftentimes you can use a home remedy or store-bought cleaner to fix the drains. However, these only temporarily fix the problem and don’t address the root of the problem. Also, store-bought By calling Climate Control Experts for professional drain cleaning, you can expect us to clear out your drains and get them running their best!

Here are five signs you should call for professional drain cleaning:


Slower draining

When your drains don’t work their best, it’s obvious that something’s clogging them up. It’s pretty easy to tell when your plumbing is draining slowly, if at all. Call the professionals at Climate Control Experts and we can help your plumbing draining again.


Backed up sewage

Sometimes clogs get so bad that they can completely block the pipe and prevent wastewater from going down. Instead, the water backs up and eventually comes back up the drain. Water and other grossness coming back up your drain is a sign you should take seriously.


Odd noises

When drains get clogged, you can often hear them make strange noises when water runs through them. The clogs can force water to make some sudden directional changes or go through small spaces. These can cause your drains to make strange noises they don’t normally make.


Stench of sewage

The smell of sewage is something most homeowners don’t expect or want in their homes. When you have clogged drains, all of the stuff stuck in the pipe can rot. Those smells can then travel up the drain where you and your family can smell them. This can get especially nasty in a warm place like Las Vegas, where the temperature will make the smell worse. When you smell sewage in your home, act fast.



As well as smelling gross, sewage tends to attract fruit and sewer flies. Fruit flies can become a health problem if they get into your food, while sewer flies like to breed in clogged drains. An increase in flies is another big sign that you should call us.


What makes Climate Control Experts one of the area’s best plumbing companies?

At Climate Control Experts Air, Heating & Plumbing, our professional Las Vegas plumbers have the tools and training to provide you with reliable and effective drain cleaning services. When it comes to cleaning your drains, we don’t settle for anything less than a job that is done properly; so, you won’t have to worry about the issue returning anytime soon. We care for your home as though we were repairing our very own. That means we go to great lengths to protect your plumbing and prevent any damage that could occur from using alternative methods that don’t necessarily solve the problem. We also take pride in our service, standing behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with our team every time we come to your home. Call us today to schedule your professional drain cleaning!

By Brian Renadette

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