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6 Benefits of Getting a Water Softener

6 Benefits of Getting a Water Softener

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Does your home have problems with hard water? Water with dissolved calcium and magnesium is considered “hard” and can negatively affect your life in various ways. Minerals like these are capable of clogging your plumbing, rusting metal, and more. However, you can help stop hard water by purchasing a water softener for your home. This device attaches to your plumbing and helps filter out the minerals that make water hard.

Here are six ways a water softener can help your home:


No delay for watering plants

Water softeners can deal with more than minerals. If you have a garden, there are some chemicals you want to stay away from plants. One of these chemicals is chlorine, which water treatment plants use to kill bacteria before it reaches your house. To use chlorinated water on your plants, you have to wait half an hour and let the water sit in an open container so the chlorine drifts out. Water softeners can take out the chlorine, removing the long wait to water your flowers while still having the advantages of publicly-treated water.


Decreased energy bills

A good example of how damaging hard water can be to your home has to do with your water heater. The minerals in hard water can clog pipes with limescale, scratch up surfaces, and make it harder for the water heater to heat the water. Getting a water softener can greatly improve your water heater’s health and efficiency. Because hot water is a big part of your daily life, improving your water heater’s efficiency is a surefire way to reduce your heating bills.


Environmental benefits

A water softener’s environmental benefits tie into how it helps lower energy bills and improve appliance efficiency. Appliances that are more efficient use less water and energy to work their best. This means you’ll pay less for water and energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and save water and energy that others can use.


Use less soap

Hard water can be tough on your body by drying out your hair and skin. However, hard water also makes it harder to stay clean by making it harder for soaps and shampoos to lather. Avoiding hard water can indirectly save you money here by helping you use about 75% less shampoo and soap.


Softer and brighter clothes

When used in washing machines, the minerals in hard water are capable of getting caught in your laundry’s fabrics. These minerals can make clothes stiff, damage fabrics, and dull colors. Soft water can keep your clothes looking nice and lasting longer. This can another way to save money by extending the life of your clothes so you don’t need replacements as often.


Healthier appliances and pipes

One big problem with hard water is that it rusts anything conductive to electricity, such as metal. Also,  it tends to build up in pipes and appliances, resulting in a variety of issues and eventually ruining them. Hard water is also known for causing soap scum on any hard surfaces it touches. Trying to scrub that stuff off can hurt appliances even more. Softening the water can save you even more money by stopping these issues and maintaining your appliances’ health.


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By Brian Renadette

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