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6 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement

6 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement

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toilet replacement in Las Vegas by Climate Control

Properly-maintained toilets can work for a surprisingly long time. However, you may come across an issue that can’t be fixed and requires you to call Climate Control Experts to get a toilet replacement. However, you’ll have to be able to tell when you need to call for a replacement. If you can’t tell when you need to replace it, you might wind up breaking your toilet and causing some major water damage.

Here are six signs you should get a toilet replacement for your Las Vegas home:


Old age

When toilets get old, they generally need more repair work to keep running. Also, older toilets are likely to not be as water-efficient as newer models. In the 1990s, the government mandated that new toilets use a special flushing system to use less water. Buying a newer toilet model can help you save money on your water bills as well as saving the environment.


Surface damage

Older toilets that get heavy cleaning often accumulate a variety of scratches. Not only are they unattractive, but scratches make it harder to keep your toilet clean. If you notice yourself cleaning your toilet too often or just want to get rid of those scratches, call us about getting a new toilet.



For toilets, wobbling is a sign of either a minor problem or a major problem. You might just be dealing with loose screws that can easily be tightened by a plumber. However, that wobbling might be a sign the floor beneath the toilet is damaged or rotting due to water. Either way, you should call a plumber in case it’s something serious.


Frequent repairs

As appliances and fixtures get older, they tend to require more repairs to keep them operational. Repairing your toilet often will result in the bills adding up and eventually cost more than a new toilet. Next time you call to get an older toilet fixed, ask about whether getting a new toilet would be more viable.


Mineral deposits

Homeowners with hard water may find mineral buildups on their toilets and other plumbing. You’ll often find mineral build-up in your toilet’s inlet holes or siphon tube, preventing water from flowing effectively. Sometimes you can chip away at the blockage and save your toilet, but other times you’ll have to get a new one. If you have hard water and want to avoid this issue, consider purchasing a water softener for your home.


Inefficient flushing

If you’re big on going green, you might want to consider getting a new toilet to save on water. Toilets made in the early 1990s tend to use three to five gallons per flush while newer low-flush models only use around two. If you want to save water, try getting a new toilet to replace your old model.


Why call Climate Control Experts to order my new toilet?

For years, Climate Control Experts has proudly served our community, and we’re extremely proud to be the team that Las Vegas has come to trust and depend on when they need quality repairs quickly. When your toilet experiences a problem, your emergency becomes our emergency. We respond quickly to service calls and are even available 24/7 to handle emergencies, no matter what time of day they emerge. Our team has the tools and training to handle your toilet problems with confidence, and we can repair all different types of fixtures while providing you with a customer service experience that simply won’t be matched anywhere else. Call Climate Control Experts today to learn why we’re one of the area’s best plumbing companies!

By Brian Renadette

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