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6 Tips for Raising Your AC Lifespan in Las Vegas

6 Tips for Raising Your AC Lifespan in Las Vegas

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AC lifespan in Las Vegas by Climate Control Experts

Inevitably, your AC unit will wear itself down and have to be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Keeping your AC in good condition can help you avoid frequent expensive repairs. Not to mention that replacing the AC itself will cost you a good amount of money. Let the Climate Control Experts give you some tips on ways to improve your AC lifespan in Las Vegas.

Here are six tips to bolster your AC lifespan in Las Vegas:


Give it frequent maintenance

At the very least, you should have a professional check your AC once per year. When you do this, you’ll be able to catch problems with it much quicker. In addition, by keeping your AC working in top condition, it won’t be forced to work harder, which can cause irreversible damage.


Use a programmable thermostat

One of the big features of programmable thermostats is the ability to set a schedule for your AC. By doing this, you can turn it on and off based on you and your family’s schedule. Besides the obvious benefit of using less energy, this also means your AC runs less. Therefore it’ll have less wear and tear from being on.


Keep your filters fresh

Inside your AC unit are air filters that help remove contaminants from the air. However, these filters can get clogged over time and should be replaced. Clogged filters are one of the main sources of unnecessary stress on your AC. By changing your filters regularly, you can help your AC last much longer than a poorly-maintained model.


Keep your outdoor unit well-trimmed

There’s more to your AC than the unit that sits inside your house. The unit outside helps provide cool air that the indoors unit fans throughout your home. However, sitting outside means that it’s vulnerable to the growth of grass and other plants. Give your outdoor unit a regular weeding to ensure that plants don’t cause any damage to it.


Take care of your ductwork

Sometimes you may find that cool air can’t reach you because the ducts are dirty or damaged. A variety of problems with the duct system can force your AC to work harder than it should, hurting its overall lifespan. Get a professional to help you with clearing out your ducts and resolving any other problems with them.


Use a high-efficiency system

Generally, high-efficiency AC units have a variety of features that help them save energy and avoid overworking. Features like 2 stage compressors and variable speed air handlers help your AC manage its workload without damaging itself. In addition, high-efficiency systems tend to be better built overall.


Why trust Climate Control Experts on their AC knowledge?

Climate Control Experts works with cooling units of all types in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Whenever you work with us, we offer honest and upfront pricing so you’ll know what you’re getting into. In addition, our technicians receive constant training in the latest HVAC technology and arrive to every job fully stocked with all the tools they could possibly need. Call Climate Control Experts today to learn more about caring for your AC!

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