Our Service Guarantee

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There are plenty of HVAC companies out there competing for your business. They might tout the manufacturer’s warranty on installed equipment as all the protection you need for HVAC services.At Climate Control Experts, we just don’t think a manufacturer’s warranty is enough. Your HVAC system is important all year, and we’re confident enough in our expertise to offer more than just a third-party warranty on our work. When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Las Vegas, we’re second to none.

Fixed Right or It’s FREE, Experts Guarantee

If they’re not installed correctly, even the highest quality furnaces and air conditioners are susceptible to inefficiency and failure. The same can be said for regular maintenance and repairs. That’s why Climate Control Experts brings a full year guarantee on all of their technicians’ finished labor. If you call us for repairs or installation, there’s zero risk of being left with a still-malfunctioning HVAC system.

If you have any problem whatsoever with work that Climate Control Experts has finished, give us a call and we’ll be out to fix it at no cost in no time!

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