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The Negative Effects of Hard Water In Your Home

Have you noticed that your home’s water tastes strange and leaves your washed clothes feeling gritty? This is likely caused by hard water, which is water with high mineral content. While it isn’t dangerous, hard water can negatively affect your quality of life in a variety of ways. What is hard water and how can […]

Las Vegas Water Heater Options

Tips For Choosing a New Water Heater in Las Vegas Choosing a new water heater in Las Vegas can seem like an overwhelming task. There are many factors to consider when choosing your new water heater such as: Tank Style There are two main options for water heaters in Las Vegas today: tankless water heaters […]

10 Plumbing Tips to Save You Money

Most of us forget our homes conceal intricate plumbing systems. We expect our home plumbing to function as designed, without flaw. Yet it is possible to improve home plumbing efficiency with some proactive measures. The tips outlined below just might prevent a nasty problem from rearing its ugly head down the line in the form […]

5 Tips for Garbage Disposal Maintenance

When your kitchen’s garbage disposal is working properly, it can be a great appliance. It can help keep your kitchen smelling fresh and make cleaning up after a meal easy. In addition, it can even reduce the amount of garbage that goes into a landfill if used properly. However, if not properly maintained, your garbage […]

Signs That Your Kitchen or Bathroom Appliances Need an Upgrade

Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing Appliances? Climate Control Experts Can Help. No matter how much you love your home, it can happen that you look around one day and start to wonder whether your kitchen or bathroom appliances need an upgrade. After all, if the appliances were in the home when you bought it, there […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions on Plumbing by New Homeowners

Las Vegas Plumbing by Climate Control Experts Do you need plumbing repair in Las Vegas? Plumbing is one of the major systems in a home. As a new homeowner you’ve probably asked yourself several questions already about the plumbing. Keep in mind regular maintenance of the plumbing system can extend the life of the equipment. […]