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Choosing the Right Water Heater Size

Choosing the Right Water Heater Size

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water heater size in Las Vegas by Climate Control

When buying a water heater, it’s important to consider what size will fit your needs. Smaller water heaters use less energy and take up less space, but don’t produce as much hot water. Getting one that’s too small for your home means you’ll constantly be running short on hot water. At Climate Control Experts, we can help you learn what you need to consider about your new water heater.

What are the important factors when selecting the size of my next water heater?

The main thing you should consider is how much hot water you use. A loose estimation for most homes goes something like this:

  • 1 to 2 people: 30-40 gallons
  • 2 to 3 people: 40-50 gallons
  • 3 to 4 people: 50-60 gallons
  • 5+ people: 60-80 gallons

However, these numbers might not accurately describe your home’s water needs. Some homes may have schedules that cause them to use more or less water than our suggestions use. If you want a better reading, check your potential water heater’s first-hour rating. Assuming the water heater’s tank is full, that’s how many gallons of hot water it can supply per hour. If it has an EnergyGuide label, you can find the first-hour rating on the upper-left part of the label. The rating should be within a gallon or two of your peak hour demand.

As for measuring peak hour demand, you’ll have to determine when your household uses the most water. Then, use this worksheet to calculate your peak hour demand based on how much water you use during that hour.

What should I do for a tankless model?

The previous bit of information was mostly for those with tank water heaters. For tankless models, you’ll have to find the best flow rate based on your hot water usage and the temperature rise. Temperature rise represents how much the water has to be heated from its base temperature. Before you do that, find out your home’s peak hour demand, as explained above. From there, find the base temperature of your home’s water by letting a cold faucet run for a minute and then using checking the water’s temperature. Subtract that temperature from the desired water temperature (which is generally 120°F,) and you’ll have your temperature rise. Those two numbers should help you find a properly-sized tankless water heater for your home.

What makes Climate Control Experts one of the area’s best plumbing companies?

For years, Climate Control Experts has proudly served our community, and we’re extremely proud to be the team that Las Vegas has come to trust and depend on when they need quality repairs quickly. Our mission is to provide all residents of Las Vegas and the neighboring areas with the highest standards and quality of indoor comfort. We do this by offering top-notch services and products, as well as by educating our customers and protecting our integrity at all times. As such, you can always be sure that we are determined to serve you in the best way we can, and we will certainly stop at nothing until you are fully satisfied with our services. Call Climate Control Experts today to learn more about getting the right water heater for you!

By Brian Renadette

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