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Installation, Service, and Repairs for Your Air Conditioning System

You need an air conditioner repair company in Clark County when you see these signs:

  • Dirty, grimy condenser coils (in the outside unit)
  • Leaking condenser coils
  • Blocked air conditioning drainpipes
  • Faulty electric controls
  • People who are hot because the system is not cooling properly!

Nevada can get hot, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why Climate Control Experts is dedicated to making sure that the home and business owners of Clark County, NV have reliable and responsive air conditioning to keep them comfortable.

Are you having problems with your air conditioning system? Give Climate Control Experts a call to have a skilled HVAC technician come and get things back to normal. We use only the best tools and the most recent technology to diagnose the problem, and fix it as quickly as possible.

Each one of our expert HVAC technicians is fully licensed and insured, so you can trust who shows up at your door to help. We can handle any air conditioning job, including installations, condensers, heaters, ductwork, air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, and everything in between. We always make sure our trucks are fully stocked so that we can have your HVAC system up and running in one service visit.

Climate Control Experts Heating and Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair and Replacement in Clark County

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, it might need a simple repair, or it might need to be replaced. If it needs replacement, then talk to one of our experts to consult on a new system. We carry many brands, models, and sizes, so there is no doubt one that will work for you. The technicians at Climate Control Experts will also remove your old condensers and air handlers and install your new AC system and components.

HVAC Maintenance Plans in Clark County, NV

Proper maintenance is the key to having a reliable heating and cooling system. We offer a maintenance plan that includes a service visit every year. We will do things such as clean the coils and check the refrigerant levels. Every single component is examined for any issues, and they are fixed immediately. Having regular maintenance will make your furnace work more efficiently, and it will extend its useful life. You can rest easy knowing that your furnace or air conditioner is in good repair at all times.

Air conditioning repair and hvac services Clark County

Heater Repair and Furnace Repair in Clark County, NV

Climate Control Experts installs, repairs, and maintains all types of furnaces and heaters. We can install any brand, no matter what fuel source. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new build, or if you are replacing an old system, we can handle it for you.

Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning System

You might think that having an older home with a ductwork system means that you can’t have air conditioning. You would be wrong, however. A mini-split ductless air conditioning system will get you cooled down like you deserve. It works by cooling each individual room using condensers on the outside of the building. Call Climate Control Experts for more information.

How to Find the Best HVAC Contractor

You can’t trust your HVAC system to just anyone. Follow these steps to find one that is trustworthy and will give you great AC services.

Step One: Talk to people you know who have recently hired someone for their HVAC system. Good and bad reviews can give you valuable insight and information.

Step Two: Search the web for HVAC businesses in Clark County

Step Three: Check out all of the google reviews for the HVAC businesses that look like ideal candidates. You can also see if they have any awards or certifications on their website.

Step Four: Contact the three most promising options and ask them for quotes.

Step Five: Often the best choice is the middle quote. It will offer a balance of quality work and affordability.

At Climate Control Experts, we are confident that after this process, you will still end up as your choice. We can handle all of your heating and furnace issues, air conditioner repair, and AC unit installations.

We are open for residential and commercial services around the clock, and on every day of the year. We love to serve home and business owners in Clark County, NV, and the surrounding areas, and we would love to help you too.

For your air conditioning and heating needs, call Climate Control Experts today at 702-602-6183.