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How to Shut Off Your Water Heater Gas Supply

How to Shut Off Your Water Heater Gas Supply

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Sometimes you may find yourself needing to turn off an appliance or system to keep you and your home safe. A good example of this is when you need to shut off the gas supply to your water heater. Perhaps you need to replace it and have to shut off the gas before beginning the replacement process. Other times you might need to shut off the gas because of a flammable gas leak. If you don’t know how to shut off the gas, we can help you learn.


Be warned!

Our instructions are for dealing with weak gas leaks at most. When dealing with bigger gas leaks, you should listen to what CenterPoint Energy says. According to their instructions, you should leave your home, go on foot to somewhere safer, and call 911 and CenterPoint Energy when you’re a good distance away from your home.


How to turn off the gas

When shutting off your water heater’s gas, there are two places you can turn it off. There’s a shutoff valve near the water heater to cut the water heater from the gas, and there’s the gas meter outside to shut off the gas completely. In emergencies, it’s safer for your home to shut off the gas completely. However, knowing both methods can still be important.

To shut off the gas outside, find your gas meter outside and look for the gas shutoff valve near it. Using a wrench, you should then turn the valve 90° clockwise to shut off the gas. To ensure the gas is off, check to see if the burner is no longer on. As for the water heater’s gas supply, look for a single valve handle on the water heater’s gas pipe. Give it a 90° turn so it’s perpendicular to the pipe, and the gas should shut off. Whatever method you use, if you fear a gas leak, call your gas company for a free leak investigation.


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By Brian Renadette

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