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If you are living in North Las Vegas, where do you find the right company to rely on when your air conditioner breaks down? Look no further because Climate Control Experts is here to solve all your dilemmas when it comes to air conditioning and heating services in North Las Vegas.

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Plumbing Heating & AC Services We Provide

If your air conditioning unit starts to malfunction, do not go through the mind-boggling process of trying to fix it on your own. Oftentimes, the problem is way beyond just adjusting the settings. If there is an internal defect, you might just make the situation much worse if you keep tinkering with the buttons.

For any type of plumbingair conditioner repairs or new AC installation, we are here to help. Our North Las Vegas AC and heating services include:

  • Assessment of air conditioner problem or installation
  • Setting-up and installation of the brand new air conditioner
  • Replacing you old air conditioner unit with a new one
  • Repairing HVAC internal malfunctions
  • Indoor air quality assessment and services
  • Regular air conditioning preventative maintenance
  • Air conditioning and heating repairs and replacement

These are just some of the services we offer for our North Las Vegas customers. With our maintenance services, you can avoid expensive repairs or the need to replace your AC unit. If, however, your air conditioning or heating system does fail you, we can assist you with comprehensive repairs.

Convenient, Top-Quality Services

We work extra hard to make sure that the air conditioner units and heating systems of our North Las Vegas customers work perfectly. Aside from that, our company also strives to make your next service more convenient than ever. If you have a really busy schedule and you are worried that you might not be at home during the usual business hours, you just have to set an appointment with us and we will be there whenever is most convenient for you.

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