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When you need plumbing services, you want someone you can trust. That’s why, in Rhodes Ranch, NV, there’s no better option than Climate Control Experts. Call today at 702-602-6183.

We are an award-winning home services company that offers superior plumbing workmanship and customer service. We’ve been serving Rhodes Ranch for many years, and we are sure that you will come to love our gold-standard commitment to our customers. Recently, we were named the Contractor of the Year by the Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Contractors Association. You can rest easy when Climate Control Experts is on the job.

We Do Water Heater Repair and Installation

Having your water heater inspected every year will help it run better and extend its lifespan. Water heaters have many components, even though they look simple. Any one of those components can wear down over time or stop functioning properly. By having an experienced plumber inspect it annually, they will be able to catch potential problems and fix or replace parts before they become bigger issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our water heater specialists by calling Climate Control Experts today.

On top of repairs and inspections, we can handle installations of new water heater units. When the time comes, give us a call and we will remove your old one and put in the replacement. This includes installing tankless water heaters, which can save you space in your home and money on your energy bills. Call today if you have any questions.

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Drain Cleaning in Rhodes Ranch

Clogged drain pipes are a common issue for just about every homeowner. That’s why we at Climate Control Experts are highly trained and able to not just clear any clog, but clean out the drain completely. Drain cleaning will make sure that a stubborn clog doesn’t keep recurring after you think you’ve cleared it.

Hydro Jetting

One of the very effective techniques our plumbers use to clear out drain blockages is hydro jetting. This involves using a tool that will shoot highly pressurized water through the pipes and lines to push through blockages and get the water flowing again. They will be completely unblocked so the problem won’t come back.

Sewer Line Repairs

There are several hazards that can damage your sewer lines. They included rapidly changing temperatures, shifting soil, tree roots, and general deterioration over time. Contact Climate Control Experts if you think you have a sewer line issue. Leaving it too long might result in a messy back up into your home.

Showers and Bathtubs

Make sure that your showers and bathtubs are installed correctly to avoid problems down the road. Also, if you do need maintenance or repairs, call us right away to get them fixed fast.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair

If there’s a gas odor in your home, then the first thing you need to do is evacuate any people or pets from the house. Call 911 immediately to get the situation under control and to have your gas main shut off. After everyone is safe and the situation is controlled, call Climate Control Experts to find out where the gas leak is and to fix it immediately.

Burst Water Pipe Service

Pipes can weaken with age. When they do, they can burst, potentially causing major plumbing problems and water damage in your home. If this happens to you, turn off the water main right away to stop the water from entering your home. Then, call Climate Control Experts to have a skilled Rhodes Ranch plumber come to fix your problem and get you back to normal.

Sump Pump Installation

Do you get anxious every time it rains, fearing that you will end up with a flood? It might be that you need a sump pump to keep water levels at a normal level. A sump pump will automatically turn on if the water gets too high so that your home is protected. Climate Control Experts can install, maintain, and repair your sump pump.

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilets are heavily used in most homes, which means they can wear down. Seals stop sealing, flapper valves stop flapping, and overflow pipes can deteriorate. These can all cause leaks, and your drywall or bathroom floor can get damaged by the moisture.

If you have moisture by the foot of your toilet, or if you notice the toilet is running longer than normal, then call for a plumbing specialist at Climate Control Experts. They will check out the leak and suggest the appropriate response. That could be a repair, or even a new toilet. New toilets are more efficient than older models, so not only will you have a better functioning toilet, but you will also save on your water bills.

Slab Leak Evaluation and Repair

If you have a leak in your slab, it can mean big problems. Your foundation is the base of your home, and if it weakens you could end up with many other issues unrelated to plumbing. The skilled plumbers at Climate Control Experts use special technology that can locate water inside the slab. This allows them to be precise with repairs so that only a small part of the slab is affected.

Trenchless Sewer Line Work

At Climate Control Experts, we always use the latest and most effective technology to fix plumbing problems. This includes using cameras to inspect your sewer lines. That way, we can find blockages without having to dig up your entire property. We can then only dig where the problem is, and minimize damage to your lawn.

Need plumbing repairs, maintenance work, or installation? Call 702-602-5183 for the best plumbers in Rhodes Ranch, NV: Climate Control Experts.