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Installation, Service, and Repairs for Your Air Conditioning System

You need an air conditioner repair company in Spanish Trails when you see these signs:

  • Dirty, grimy condenser coils (in the outside unit)
  • Leaking condenser coils
  • Blocked air conditioning drainpipes
  • Faulty electric controls
  • People who are hot because the system is not cooling properly!

When you live and work in Nevada, you need your home or office to be a refuge from the brutal heat. That’s where Climate Control Experts comes in. We are the best in Spanish Trials, NV at providing superior air conditioning services. 

If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, then call Climate Control Experts right away. We have dedicated HVAC technicians who are focused on getting you back in business and comfortable again. We use only the best tools and technology to diagnose problems quickly and fix them right away.

Each one has undergone a background check, and is licensed and insured. There is nothing they can’t handle, including installation, service, repair, AC unit components, condensers, furnaces, ductworks, ductless systems, and much more. We always make sure our trucks are fully stocked so that repairs can be made in the first service visit.

Climate Control Experts Heating and Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair and Replacement in Spanish Trails

When your Spanish Trails air conditioner isn’t working, it may need a simple repair, or it might need to be replaced. If it needs replacement, then talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives. They will provide you with the best options, and then schedule an installation date. Not only will we install your new HVAC system, but we will dispose of the components of your old one as well.

HVAC Maintenance Plans in Spanish Trails, NV

Our clients who take advantage of our service plans love the fact that their heating and cooling systems work more efficiently all year round, and save them money on their energy bills. Not only that, but regular maintenance extends the life of any HVAC system. Once a year, a Climate Control Experts professional will clean the coils, check refrigerant levels, and make any other tweaks to make sure your HVAC system is operating at its best. If there are any problems, they will fix them before they become too serious. Contact us today for more information or to sign up for one of our maintenance plans.

Air conditioning repair and hvac services Spanish Trails NV

Heater Repair and Furnace Repair in Spanish Trails, NV

It’s not just cool air that you need. It can get chilly in Spanish Trails, and we offer full furnace and heater services for homes and businesses. No matter what type, and no matter what fuel source, we can take care of your heating needs. Doing a new build project? We can handle jobs of any size or type.

Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning System

Some people don’t have air conditioning because their home is old enough that ductwork wasn’t built into the design. However, with a mini-split ductless air conditioning system from Climate Control Experts, you can have cool air in every room. Give us a call to talk about this option and to get your older home cooled down.

How to Find the Best HVAC Contractor

Looking for a good HVAC contractor can be hard. Here are some steps you can take to find that that’s right for you.

Step One: It’s always good to ask people you can trust for referrals. They will tell you who’s reliable, and who isn’t.

Step Two: Go online and search “HVAC business near me.”

Step Three: Check out all of the information online that you can find. This can include Google reviews, social media reviews, and testimonials on their websites.

Step Four: Call the top three businesses with the best Google reviews. Ask for quotes on the work you need done.

Step Five: Often the middle quote is the best one. It combines value and quality.

For all of your heating and cooling needs, you can trust the pros at Climate Control Experts. We offer the best heater and furnace repair, and air conditioning services.

We service homes and business, and we’re open around the clock, 7 days a week. There is never a time when you can’t get in touch with a professional from Climate Control Experts.

For your air conditioning and heating needs, call Climate Control Experts today at 702-602-6183.